About Us!!

Our plants are just like pets, but they don’t tell us to go to bed and don’t beg for food every five minutes. They also clean the air even though it’s not their job, and honestly, that’s pretty awesome.🌱💚

“At YourMaali, our goal is to make your home and surroundings greener and healthier for you, and it is to succeed with a positive impact in the fight against climate change.”

Why you should look into YourMaali?

Glow it or grow it—just don’t dehydrate it. With this, we are looking to set a standard for affordable, sustainable, and easy-to-install gardening methods for Homes, Lawns, and Offices.

Our eco-friendly and environmentally conscious way of gardening attracts many plant lovers, especially in cities where homes are getting small and lawns and gardening areas even smaller. By doing our part, we create sustainable pots with ethical sourcing, ensuring the manufacturing and production are environmentally responsible, with affordable pricing.

With years of experience, our Founder saw a growing need for Customizable but Sustainable Gardening Equipements along with major gardening services like Vertical Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, and Roof-Top Gardening for offices and homes. It is up to us, as responsible citizens, to make your place greener than ever.

Sound’s good. Then what are you waiting for ?? Get your favorite plants delivered to your place. For more info, call us at 9950309775.


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