Echeveria Succulent


The Echeveria Succulent is our equivalent of the rose. This iconic succulent has fleshy drought-tolerant green leaves that grow in a chic rosette shape. It’s the perfect pick-me-up plant for yourself or a friend.

  • Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are shown as a range
  • Plant measures between 1–2″ tall from the soil line to the top of the foliage
  • Arrives in nursery grow pot nestled in white fiber planter.

The plant comes with White Fiber Pots.

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Echeveria Succulent

Plant Care

  • Thrives in bright direct light, but can tolerate bright indirect light.
  • Water every 2-3 weeks in direct light, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.
  • Most echeverias are pet friendly!
  • The drought-tolerant succulent Echeveria is known for its iconic rosette-shape and fleshy water-storing leaves.

Sad Plant Signs

Wrinkling leaves, dry potting mix:
Thirsty plant, underwatered
Yellowing, mushy leaves:
Root rot, overwatered
Yellowing leaves, dry potting mix:
Soil compaction (aerate soil)
Etiolation (weak stems, smaller leaves, pale color):
Not enough direct light

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 7 × 16 cm

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